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The Journey Inside

Monday, December 09, 2013

The Journey Inside

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We are all escapists and even if we disagree we are always running either from ourselves or towards finding who we actually are..When i have these escapists feelings , I run , I drive and follow the less traveled roads. I believe  in the quote by Jean de La Fontaine  -A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it 
August 26 , 2011
I distinctly remember the day when life was tearing me apart into two. I knew not what to do to hold back myself. I was fighting for survival and All i wanted was to escape. I did not thought twice and took me car and ran and ran , not stopping at the traffic signals  , not looking at anything else but myself being torn and the need to bring myself back

I reached a place I had never seen before in this city. It was surprisingly quiet , peaceful and filled with colors

A retreat to my lonely heart and my crying soul. It is those times when we are utterly alone, that only sound we can hear is of our own breath , the feeling of complete solitude , being the last man/woman on earth - It is then you feel your soul consciousness talking to you . The Time stops , it actually does. I was at this place for merely two hours but I had lived a complete lifetime.Time is just an illusion for us , human beings

This place is called the Delicate Arch , Arches National Park, Utah . It is considered  a place of pilgrimage by believers. There is a chaos of silence at this place. You can hear the winds talking to each other and waters dancing in their feet . They seem to be incredibly happy just for being Alive. Trees are grateful towards God even if they can't move all their lives , Rivers and Lakes are grateful even when theirs is an endless journey towards nowhere. And I learnt here that the pace of Nature is Patience.

It's said about this place that next time you visit it , it would have changed. Nature is always at work and ever changing. If we return to Nature , Nature shall return to us

And the sight of Moon had all the answers to my miseries and I came back home filled with love and peace that Nature had restored in me.

This was my journey within...

Friday, December 06, 2013

127 Hours

Some Movies can change your Life,Some characters start living in you and some stories are a wake up call for your existence itself. This Movie - 127_Hours left me in tears , i felt numb and it was tough to stop tears from falling.

It's a real life incident in life of Aron_Ralston who went mountaineering at Grand Canyon and got his hand struck in a rock. He manged to survive for 127 hours and his helplessness can be seen by the fact that acute lack of water forced him to drink his own urine .The undying jest to survive is what left me amazed. His autobiography Between_a_Rock_and_a_Hard_Place is now on my to be read list

In awe and in love with him

And special thanks to Danny_Boyle for the Movie

Sharing pictures

And He is the Real Hero :)

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